October 8, 2011

Studying at HVA Amsterdam

Studying at HVA Amsterdam, I have joined last semester to the school and I am in third year now! Is it possible to join one semester and be in third year all of a sudden? Yes possible!!! i tell you how I have gotten almost two years exemptions from many subjects which I have already studied with my previous bachelor in field of macro-economics. You might wonder why I do again a bachelor!! Yes you are right but I have some reasons for it. First of all the main reason is why I do a bachelor again is, doing a master program is rocket high price and I couldn’t afford it now. Secondly, I got my bachelor from different country and even from different continent, I would really want to see the differences between my bachelor and European bachelor.

In up coming week I would like to share sweet experiences and challenges that i have faced at the HVA, these experiences might be a great turning point for the new students who are currently doing their first year.


  1. Can't wait to hear your experiences! Especially what could help students who are preparing now for their exams!

  2. nice to know it's possible! where did u do ur previous bachelor?