October 12, 2011

Working in a restaurant

Besides studying, I have a part-time job in a restaurant. To be able to pay rent, food, buy clothing and afford going out with friends, most students have to work. I am very pasionate about the hospitality business, and I love my job. Altough I do love my job, there are many annoying but funny aspects of working in a restaurant, which I like to share with you.

Last night a couple entered the restaurant, and the woman ordered a cup of thea, and the man ordered a caipirinha, aslo called caprina, a brazilian cocktail.

As soon as I had made the drinks, I served them to the guest. In the mean time, the husband went to the bathroom, and the woman was looking at me as if I were crazy. Caprina?! ' My husband does not drink cocktails, he ordered beer'.

Besides the knowledge you need to have before you can work at a restaurant, the first thing you will learn is that the customer is always (!) right. Even it was not possible to confuse a cocktail with beer, she is right, so I had to serve him beer.

Then the husband came back from the toilet, and was very mad at me. Why do I have beer instead of the cocktail which I have ordered?! Luckily I kept the caprina, and gave it to him. The woman apologized...

Another incident that happend that night was a couple that was drinking a white wine, a French chardonnay. My manager served it to them, and when the glasses were empty, I asked them if they would like to have another one. 'Yes, we do want another one, but can you ask your manager which one we had, because he knows'. I can understand that they think I am just a student that has no knowledge, but surprise, I know everything about our wine assortment, we all do. I brought them the wine, and the women sip from her glass. 'Miss? This is not the same wine as we had before'. Altough it was the same wine, I had to take it back, because the customer is always right! I asked my manager to bring the glasses (the same glasses as I already brought them earlier). You will not believe what happened ... This is what she said: ' Thank you sir, this is the right wine, this is the wine we were drinking before!'.

The evening was not over yet, and we had another woman who thought she knew better than just a twenty year old sudent. The woman ordered Dame Blanche, which is vanilla ice cream with choclate sauce and cream. She ordered it for her little daughter without the choclate sauce. 'No problem miss, we will get your child one without choclate sauce.

When the dish was ready, and I was standing in front of the table I was asking 'Who has ordered the Dame Blanche?' She started laughing and I did not know why. With a mean and sarcastic voice the said:

'Excuse me, did you just say Dame Blanche? Have you ever seen a Dame Blanche without choclate sauce?' According to her I had to say vannilla ice with cream instead of Dame Blanche.

Just keep smiling, the customer is always right.........


  1. Hilarious ! it's funny to hear how things are from the side of the waitress since as a customer (although as a student I also used to wait on tables) i often have so many complaints... but sounds like you are developing patience and a thick skin which helps in life in all sorts of ways! :)

  2. Yes it is Hilarious! I do agree on you, it is not all about the customers, restaurants can mess everything up as well. From wrong orders to double booked tables etc.
    Once, I accidently dropped a plate on customized italian shoes. The poor man had bought them in italy for nearly one thousand euro... There goes your comfortable and relaxing night out....
    In a restaurant you learn how to deal with customers who have complaints, and deal with accidents like mine, how to stay calm. And very useful to build up a network (If everything goes well!)