November 7, 2011

Amsterdam's Markets

Waterlooplein, Albert Cuyp market, Noorder market and many more.
These are the places for students to find all their bargains.
Waterlooplein has second hand bikes, which are a must in Amsterdam as no bike will last for a very long time so spending a lot on one is useless.
Albert Cuyp market has a large variety of fresh foods and also has markets selling everything from the Etos and Kruidvat, but cheaper.
Then there's the Noorder market, a real treasure trove of leather boots, jackets, antiques, etc.
Big bike chains are also sold everywhere, which are definitely good to have if you want your bicycle to last a little longer in this city!
The thing to remember is: where can I get it cheapest? Of course, when shopping for clothes or a laptop it is best to do so in a good shop. However, saving a little of shampoo's, food, bicycles, boots (and many other items) is a good step towards having more money for rent and social activities, of which there are many in this city!

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