November 25, 2011

Different culture different perception

As a matter of the fact, I do not want to go on exchange. I have been living in the Netherlands for three years, and I think staying in the Netherlands gives me more opportunity to learn something from European countries. I am coming from Asia and I have traveled to lots of countries over there, my country is Afghanistan located in the heart of Asia, I have gotten a bachelor in field of Macroeconomics and currently doing four years IM study in two years with some exemption of subjects. For me it is much better to learn about different European cultures. I probably would like to travel to some other part of the European countries for study or internship. I think in this world everyone is looking for different challenges, “Different culture different perception” some European like to travel to Asia and see the differences over there, whereas, most of Asian like to also travel to see what is going on the other part of the world and taste the cultural differences and social behaviors of other people. It is quite interesting to travel all over the world and think out of the box. There is an old Dari saying “ Be friend of someone who traveled a lot instead of being friend of someone who has money’’ it may not make proper sense when it is translated but it means ‘’ those who travel may have more experiences, of those who are only looking wealth and think in the box’’.

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