November 20, 2011

Evaluating on teamwork

For PD5 we had to organize a clinic with teambuilding as topic. I had to organize one with two other classmates. The teamwork in our team was not good, I felt responsible for everything, while the others did not. They did not come up with ideas, even though I had asked them several times. I had arranged the venue, the equipment, made an invitation for the class, and so on.

Afterall the clinic went well, and my teammembers did a great job at the actual clinic by presenting well and keeping everybody enthousiastic. But I was the one who did all the organization and made up most of the teambuilding activities. At the actual date of our workshop one of my teammembers came up with one himself.

And now I have to hand in a reflection tomorrow. They are my classmates, and at the clinic it seemed like they did a lot of work as well as I did. (for the teacher & outsiders) So Im in a dillema. Do I go for a higher grade (which I think I deserve, because they only followed what I had come up with) or do I just write down that we did a great job, and everyone participated? The teacher asked us to deliver our reflections together as a team. We have to write them individually, but need to bundle them together. If the teacher want honest reflections, she must not ask for a bundle of reflections, because I do not want my fellow classmates to think that I want to let them down itentionally.

But on the other hand, my presenting skills are not that good, and at the clinic my teacher told me to improve those. So I do not want to get a lower grade because of my presenting skills while I did almost all the work for the clinic....


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