November 30, 2011

Help, I have to present

Tomorrow I have 3 presentations at one day! Since I do not like to present, Im not looking forward to it. I hope that day will go by soon..

But I do not understand why I do not like to present. Or do not like, I better say that I am scared to death of presenting. The fact that I have three presentations tomorrow is keeping me from sleeping for almost week now.

I was wondering whether this would go away, or will I stay nervous when talking in public forever. (hope not!) How do I solve this? How do you deal with speaking in public? Guess I have to practise until I know it by heart, and than nothing can go wrong. But what if it goes wrong? I always have many notes with me, because I am so affraid of getting a black out. Here we go again with my worst case scenerios (I already have posted a blog on this topic) I have to stop thinking about worst case scenarios, and just go for it. Think about the best case scenarios! How hard can that be?

Today I have decided that I will approach it differently. I will only take bullet points on small cards with me tomorrow, for the very first time! Hopefully it will go so well that in the future I do not feel insecure or affraid anymore.


  1. I'm curious how your presentations went? Were you terribly nervous? I can tell you a well kept secret - when I was studying - I was terribly afraid to talk in front of a group at school. I always felt like most other people knew more than I did. Somehow, I got over it. Could be that the turning point was a kind boss who told me "watch how I do it" and told me that the next presentation to clients would be mine. So I took notes, and next time I was the one to give the presentation. I was nervous, but felt prepared enough... after all - I was copying the boss! Somehow I think that was the first step -
    But indeed many people say that the greatest fear people have is not of death, but of public speaking...

  2. The most important one went pretty well, but unfortunately I took the whole script with me again.... I did not manage to leave it at home and do it by heart. Too nervous, to insecure. I survived, and it was sufficient..

    Interesting to read that you have experienced somewhat the same. It gives me hope, one day I will be good at presenting too.