November 10, 2011

Las Vegas International Academic Conference

This October I attended an International Academic Conference in Las Vegas. It was organized by Clute Institute, which promotes academic research and annually organizes academic conferences in different countries such as Thailand, USA, Italy. The institute publishes 14 academic journals including Journal of Applied Business Research, Journal of Business and Economic Research, Journal of College Teaching & Learning, Journal of Business Case Studies to name a few.

40 different countries were represented by 300 participants who came to Las Vegas to attend 3 days full of sessions on Education, Business, Management, Marketing and Health Education. As I found out, a lot of people regularly attend conferences of Clute Institute to present there on-going or completed research work and to get some suggestions and advice about it from the fellow academic and business practitioners.

As I teach marketing and management disciplines, I attended sessions on education, marketing and management. Some presentations were interesting and engaging with inspirational and knowledgeable speakers. Topics like e-health and a trend of people researching their health problems and symptoms online and its impact on healthcare was a topic that everyone in the audience could relate to. Another interesting presentation was about arrogance in advertising of Apple’s iPhone and its impact on the brand perception. Several papers examined various social media use. One of them was about social media use by educational institutions to promote themselves. Out of various social media channel blogging composed only 9%, which I find to be very little. Also an interesting finding for me was that small and large institutions are making more use of social media compared to medium-sized schools.

Unfortunately the names of some papers sounded a lot more interesting than the content of the presentations was also due to the fact that some presenters were not well prepared at all or did not have good communication skills.

It made me think a lot about how important it is for our students to learn to present well during their studies. Luckily they get plenty of opportunities to do so within 4 years of studying at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

During the conference I got to meet the institute founder, Dr. Ronald C Clute, and had some interesting discussions with professors from US, Portugal, Germany, Turkey. On the 3rd day of the conference I was presenting my paper about the role of not-invented-here syndrome, leadership and reward systems in open innovation. The presentation went well and I had some positive feedback from the participants. I was pleased. After all this is what I do for a living…

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