November 4, 2011

mission impossible

Today we hand to hand in an assignment for import and procurement. We get an assignment each week, a question that we need to answer and hand in. It does not matter how long your answer is, as long as it answers the question.Easy you think.. Well, yes most of the time it is, just reading the corresponding chapters, and you have the answer... This time it was not that easy...

Because of the break we had two weeks to hand in the assignment, instead of one. Altough we had more time, I decided to start early, instead of the day before, like I usually do. During the break I finally managed to actually open the book and look up the question. I did not understand it, and started doing other things, things you always do when you do not understand something, or when you get derivated by other things.

Next to me was standing a big cup of coffee. And you always see this things coming in advance. It already had crossed my mind that it could happen that it would fall over. And ofcourse, I made a stupid move and the book I needed, supply chain management, was soaked in coffee.

Well, I thought this must be a sign, it is not the right time of beginning with this assignment, I have to enjoy my break, and relax. Tommorrow there will be another day to finish the task.

And as you already expected, I did not do anything until yesterday. But since I find this course very difficult, it is the best option for me to make all the assignments and get a high grade for it so I do not need a very high mark for the actual exam. Yesterday (luckily the book was dried up) I saw the question for the second time, looked up every page in the book, and did not know what to answer on that question. I started to panic, because I had to hand something (sufficient) in, but there was nothing in the book, nor on the internet about this subject.

It was already very late and my eyes were slowly closing. I decided to go to bed and set my alarm on '6 o clock in the morning, hopefully something would pop up in my mind. The next morning I was exhausted, but I did had some information on my paper. It was not the answer ofcourse, but a four is higher than the one that I would receive when I would not hand in an answer at all.

The teacher came in, and he said, 'my apologies guys, the question that I asked you was too difficult for you', because there was no information on this topic in the book. Well that explained everything....

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  1. Dear A.K,
    I am sorry to hear about this experience of having a too of a difficult question. All I can say is that lecturers are also people, and we make mistakes. Sometimes we overestimate out students or want to challenge them and do not realize that we are asking an impossible. At least this question did trigger you to look up some information which is a good thing. I totally understand, though, how frustrating you probably felt, but it is good that the teacher recognized it too and that this question, I guess will not be graded. Dont put the coffee next to your books or computer:)
    IBL Insider