November 23, 2011

The new Intranet

Change is not always better. Maybe I'm just a little adverse to change.
however, the new Intranet (SIS) is not what I would call an improvement. I have not yet heard anyone say anything at all positive about SIS, which is not surprising to me.
The system is utterly confusing to me and no sufficient exaplanation has been given yet. Once the enrollment period had begun we received emails on how to enroll, all because nobody could manage it. No further information on the use or usefulness of SIS has been given as of yet, and it seems that proof of enrollment is not received until the enrollment period has closed, ensuring that when you find out that something has gone wrong it is subsequently too late to do anything about it! Anyway, enrollment closed last weekend and I still haven't received a proof of enrollment... Most teachers must be going crazy as well as they are being overloaded with emails from students who don't understand the system, whilst most of the faculty have not got the hang of it yet either.
I'm still wondering what was so wrong with the Intranet, as at least I had found my way around there!


  1. i have to say that i agree. For teachers, apart from the obvious learning curve, there are annoyances such as the updating process when posting grades taking 3 minutes per class. (and this is per test), so when you have a course with say 5 exams (EC1), then you have to do this posting 5 times X 3 minutes of my precious time - per class. 15 minutes just to press a button and wait while the computer processes my request... and this is time that I could be preparing another class, correcting more tests, doing 5000 other things... just to give one small example of my frustration. ...

  2. I am also frustrated about it, this system is simply more work for teachers and now we do not even have a good visual overview of the grades, pass rates etc.
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