November 12, 2011

Unenthusiastic students...

What if you are working with some students who are not doing their task properly which has been divided among the group members? I would like to share some of my little experiences to make this less happen to you. At the HVA I have faced this problem many times while doing projects with unenthusiastic students. I do not like to go into details of which students and which group but in general the characteristics of these students are; they are not responding their emails, often late or response when dateline is over, complains about general problems and finally not very interested to finish school on the regular bases. To avoid this; you have to always try to find the most motivated and talented students to work with. This can give a better opportunity to pass your exams and fulfill all your assignments on time. I have worked also with talented and motivated students as well; the result was tremendously different and i didn’t have to do a lot. Only my part and that was it.

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