November 10, 2011

Worst case scenarios

I'm in the third year of the IM program now, which means that I go on exchange in March. I'm going to study in Lima, Peru! I just cannot wait! It is not sure yet, but it seems unlikely that they will not let me go there. (I was just working on my homework for EC5, using future verb forms, it appears to be useful in my blogs as well)And if you are wondering why Im so eager about doing homework, we get an 0.5 added to our final exam grade if we hand in our homework!

However, this blog was meant to be about my study abroad, not about my English homework. It is not that I have been so exciting from the beginning of. I love latin America because I already have lived in Costa Rica for several months, to learn Spanish. That is why I decided to put only latin american countries on my ranking list, so there was no chance of going somewhere else.

When I got the news that I was ranked for Peru I was in doubt. This country was my first choice, but this means Iam leaving in March already. How will I be able to finance this? What about my boyfriend? It will probably be too expensive for him to come and visit me there, and besides, he has a full time job. Studying in Peru seemed perfect for me, but suddenly it began to feel like a nightmere.

I started thinking of worst case scenarios which could happen to me. Scenarios like, what if they forget to pick me up at the airport in Lima? What if I cannot find the university? What if I do not understand the schedual? What if I cannot speak Spanish anymore? What if there is no one to talk to, no one like me?

But hey, just when I was feeling very depressed, I got an message that turned all my negative feelings into positive ones! The message was an email with information about the university in Lima. And it was adressed to me and three others from the HES. Fortunately one of them is a girl, and I saw that we had mutual friends on facebook. I decided to send her a private message, to let her know Iam going to Peru as well.

Guess what? She told me that she was so happy that I had send her an message. She had the same worst case scenarios as I had, and now we could sit in the airplane together, share a room, go out together, travel together... We are saved......

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  1. er hm... (coughing sound)... as I recall your teacher said she would check if it was possible to add a 0.5 to the test grade, but it was still being discussed... still - obviously a good motivator for someone who thinks of worst case scenarios! :) seems you think of best case scenarios too! good to have that balance! Good luck in Peru! And don't forget to mix with some Peruvians while you are there!