December 19, 2011

2012 won't be our end right?

In the last couple of weeks I have heard and read some quite disturbing news. As I roamed the internet trying to find additional info, I came across quite interesting facts about the college many of us are attending.

The first that sparked my interest is that the HVA, after research has been conducted about the quality of the organization and its teaching method, is proclaimed to be the second worst college in the Netherlands after In-Holland. I have also noticed that the entire organisation is actually quite a mess. There has been a total overhaul at the HVA, many lecturers are fired and people with certain functions are being replaced by others etc, etc etc.

The second is that I have read an article regarding the two following studies; Trade Management Asia and International Management. In this article it is mentioned that these two studies were to be of poor quality. They said that if actions were not to taken soon the two courses will be dissolved.

For me and many others this is a very bad sign. I follow the TMA course myself and hearing all this has made me quite skeptical about the future of my studies. What will happen to the students who are currently taking this course? Will fourth year student still be able to get their bachelor degree or will all their efforts in the past four years be for naught?!

I sincerely hope that the outcome will be positive and that we and future students may enjoy this course for many more years to come.

May they make the right decision and remember the following well:

Wisdom is useful in the future.
Knowledge is useful now.


  1. Dear Jesse and other TMA IM students,
    Indeed these are not easy times -
    Having said that - first of all - don't believe everything you read in the papers - that's one of the basics of Critical Thinking which you will learn more about next year when your studies WILL continue...

    Believing what is in the newspapers is partially what got us into this mess in the first place! We all want to know who ranks our school the lowest? Do you? Do your fellow students? It's unclear who the unhappy customers are - and exactly why.
    As a teacher at this school, I know that I - and my fellow colleagues are fully committed to provide the highest level of education and we are committed to you - our students. Every day we do our best to innovate, to be creative, to deliver cutting edge content and to empower you - our student body - to do the same - to become the leaders in tomorrow's world... a world full of uncertainty and chaos. Where a 'job for life' is no longer the norm, where financial structures we have relied on our whole lives are no longer credible. We hope to help you mold a new and better future for yourselves and your children.
    So, let's ride the waves of uncertainty right now, and focus on the end goal - your lives, your careers, your futures.
    For my part, I'll do what I can to enable you to reach that shore safely.

  2. Even today two months after that initial turmoil, the turbulence continues... students and lecturers want the management to take action and show the outside world the real value of this TMA study and how employers do value the TMA students! No vague reassurance but specifics!