December 5, 2011

The end is near

You can tell when the end of a semester is in sight, somehow there are a whole lot of things to do and very little time. A recuring symptom throughout my past few years here.
The best thing is when teachers say that they would like you to hand in everything the week before the exams, just to relieve us of a little stress so that we're not freaking out when the exams come. What does this mean? Up until the weekend before the exams we are working flat out to get everything finished, presented, handed in and wrapped up, thus leaving zero time to actually study for the 8 or so exams that we have coming up.
What I would really appreciate is a free week before the exam period, as studying for several different subjects is rather difficult to do. Especially when we have classes during the day, it just leaves so little time to actually get into the subjects that you're trying to study for. It becomes 'cramming'. Useless short-time memorization of snippets of information, which are forgotten immediately after an exam and are therefore of no use later. Bit of a bummer...
Just for fun, you should take a little look in my agenda, which is so full that I have resorted to using coloured post its in there! I've already had a few people laughing at the state of affairs in there ;)

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