December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas and a Merry New-Year!

The T2 exam period has finally passed and now a well-deserved holiday awaits us. I do not even dare to imagine what grand array of possible activities I could do the upcoming days.. Nah let’s just do it anyway.

First, I'll have to work my ass off at my job, because people tend to postpone the Christmas shopping till the very last day.. Its always last minute shopping and they get mad at me for not having what they seek.. Really its hopeless.. sigh..

Second, celebrate new year’s eve! This is the only legitimate reason for every man, woman and no kid to be drunk! hick#% For those who wonder were Santa goes after Christmas, he’s actually celebrating new year’s eve with us! How do you think he gets his beer belly every year?

Last but not least my happy thoughts go to school again.. Resits are the first to welcome you in the 2012. May it be a warm welcome and hopefully the results won't leave you in the cold.

Before even thinking about school let's enjoy the last couple of days left of this year!

For students, please come back intact or at least have enough fingers left to do the resits and for teachers save an adaquate amount of braincells to correct our resits :P

Merry New-Year and Happy Christmas!!

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