December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays

The holidays have only just started and already exams and school seem miles away. The thought of resits in January are being filed to the outer recesses of my brain for the time being.
One thing was rather typical, and seems to be a recurring feature of exam time ending: the flu. It always seems to sneak its way in just when you least want it. Fighting off various colds during the exams is one thing, but once you fully relax and let your guard down the germs seem to really grab their chance!
Naturally, this flu will hang around just long enough to see me through the holidays... My family are rather pleased as well as I arrived home for a few days and by the time I went back to Amsterdam everyone had been infected with my flu bug ;) Now they'd rather have me stay far away until all the germs have been warded off!
Being ill has various funny sides, as nobody recognizes me on the phone anymore (I now sound like a person who smokes at least 50 cigarettes a day...) and I have practised shouting, which results in absolutely no sound at all!
As I always have a lot of sympathy for myself when I am feeling poorly, I sat around with my laptop all day yesterdat and happened to notice that the H&M website had uploaded the new spring collection. I happen to be rather susceptible to pretty things that can be bought online and have now (accidentally) purchased 5 new bikini's, of which I have succesfully convinced myself that they will be a great addition to my wardrobe. Now all I need to do is book a holiday somewhere so I can put them to good use, because we all know that waiting for the summer here in Holland is probably going to be rather disappointing.
I would say that the message here is to keep a tight hold on your wallet when you're a little feverish (or actually delusional). You never know what useless things you end up with otherwise!

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