December 21, 2011

The end is near

I feel so uninspired today. I cannot think anymore, due to all the studying. Im so tired of everything. I need a break, a christmas break! And the end of the exam period is sooo near...

Finally, tomorrow is the last exam of this exam period. The last exam of this semester, and hopefully the last exam before I go on exchange. I have already a few results back, which were positive. My last exam tomorrow is Spanish 5. My favorite course, the course I cannot fail because I feel so connected to the country, the language. But today, I just have no energy left to keep myself motivated. I just cannot start, while my book is laying just in front of me, I still havent opened it yet.

I wanted to start learning early today, but I have done exactly nothing. (Yes, I hear you thinking, the night before?, yes the night before, because the week before the exams we had to hand in three reports and make two decentral exams, and this week I had to learn for other courses)
Before studying, I want to have my room clean, have dinner with my friends and watch my favorite soap. Why do I keep believing myself when I convince myself that I need these things before I start studying? It is taking me hours before I even start..

Now I ended up with just not knowing where to start. And since I do not know where to start, I decided to write this weekly blog. I have to publish one each wednesday, so this has to be done first. Sorry about being so uninspiring, I just cannot come up with interesting topics. But I do want to know if there are students with the same problems Im facing today.

How do you deal with your last exam? Because I know it is my last one and that must already be very motivating, but it isnt at the moment.

How do you keep yourself motivated until the very end of your exam period?

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