December 14, 2011

Open book exams..

Tomorrow is the exam of Import&Procurement, and Im very very very well prepared! Thanks a lot to my teacher! The story about how I got so well prepared for the exam is an amusing story....

A few weeks ago, my teacher told me that we are allowed to take everything (I mean everything!!) books, notes, reference work and so on, to the exam. I can take everything that helps me to get to the answer of the questions. He said: 'take eveything, except for your mother in law'. ( Im not so sure why my teacher mentioned her, probably he has not a good relationship with her, or was it just a lame teacher's joke?)

Anyway, I asked him about the catch, and he assured me that there will be no catch. 'Go ahead, take everything with you!'.

So I started to make a nice and clear summary for myself. And thought of more sources that would help me. So I copied his powerpoint slides, and searched for all the answers on the mock exams he gave us, added some information from internet sources to my work.

So, you can probably already guess what happened, I was so busy with collecting everything, that at the end of the day I ended up with a bulging masterpiece of thirty pages. And well, this was not clear at all. Too much information... Perhaps different colored post it's would give more overview?

Finally, at eleven o clock in the evening, the night before the exam, I got it.... I do not need my masterpiece, I can just keep it as another piece of art for my gallery.....

Because I have made it, I know all the concepts, models, theories by heart. And ofcourse Im not stupid, I know when using the book at the exam, without learning will result in an incomplete answersheet. But to be honest with you, I was really thinking that I was a genius by jusk making another book.

I think it is hilarious that I did not find it very clever of my teacher to give us mock exams and let us take our notes as well. But in fact, he is clever! And as a result, the exam is going to be a piece of cake for me now......


  1. what a great story! what a great trick too! so, your teacher basically tricked you into studying? But i wonder how many other students figured that out? And how many are just bringing the book to the exam, hoping to search for the answers at record speed?

  2. I am curious how your exam went? And very clever of your teacher!
    IBL Insider

  3. Dear Studyleaks and IBL insider, The exam was extremely difficult, and as I expected, there was no time to look things up in your book or the other papers brought to the exam. I do believe that I passed the exam though, I was well prepared. I realized that what I found out was true, you have to trust on your own knowledge, because when you have an open book exam you are more likely to look everything up instead of thinking of the answer yourself. I became a bit insecure by having the book on my desk. I began to hesitate during the exam and looked everything up to be sure.. I had barely no time left for the last case, so it is very time consuming to take your book to the exam...