December 18, 2011

Que hora es?

At the moment I'm trying to study for a Spanish exam and also an oral, and I've enlisted the help of Youtube. Now I've stumbled upon something called 'Que hora es?', which is hilarious. Unfortunately, there are only two episodes! This really is a shame as it's funny and it very easy Spanish, my ideal combination.
I've always had a bit of difficulty with Spanish, but one teacher recommended watching soaps, as the spanish soaps are very easy to follow due to their lack of actual substance. And that is how I found myself watching 'Que hora es?'
However, I will not let myself be defeated and am now on a quest to find another mindless Spanish soap on Youtube, if anybody already knows one: fill me in!
Further tips for learning Spanish without staring at your book all day: grab a dvd (movie or serie) that you've seen quite often already and set the language to Spanish and keep the English subtitles, or vice versa. Or if you're very daring, put both in Spanish ;)
I have another 17 hours and then it will be time for some superb Spanish to come from my brain to my test paper, so here's to hoping that in the next few hours something useful stays lodged up there!

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  1. This is a very good advice. I also learn Spanish and have an oral exam on Wed, so thank you for the tip. Good luck to you. This is what I did to remember new words. I recorded them on my MP4 player so now I listen to the recording while biking to school.
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