December 11, 2011

Thou shall not fear the exams!

May this story inspire those who have exams next week!

Once upon a time an innocent student was given the task to study for exams. Being fairly new in this world and not knowing what to do he became nervous.. But an idea struck him like a lightning bolt. Fully charged by the blast that struck his mind, he started his epic journey towards the completions of the assignment.

Many days passed and many hardships were felt on the harsh roads in the dangerous lands called the library. The days were cold, the mountains steep and the ravines deep but he has gotten through all these hindrances without much trouble.

Countless times was he tempted by Facebook to forever dwell in the dark caverns of posts, likes and other horrors. Seductive mp3's whispering in his ears to stray from the righteous path. When practicing assignments he got attacked by spellings mistakes and he got chased after by a monster called grammar mistakes. Faith and hard work have kept him alive in the dangerous mountains of books and ravines of many pages deep.

But when he was about to give up he saw a beacon of hope, the legendary last page of the tomes of homework . With renewed determination he rose from the depths of his sorrows and shone high in the sky and successfully completed his task.

Only ancient old stories mentioned these divine tasks and till now only one student survived to tell the tale.

It is you!

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