January 18, 2012

the Backup plan

Due to the christmas break and the exam period for the resits, I did not manage to make some time for writing a blog. Thereby I have to arrange a lot for my exchange to Peru. I will leave in about a month, and I still have a to-do-list of three pages.

My passport has expired, I need vaccinations, a visa, an apartment and so on. I also have to sell my scooter in order to buy a ticket. Due to the crisis, the restaurant I work at is almost bankrupt, so I do not have a job anymore. Funny how you can go within a few weeks from laidback and a job to extremely stressed and no job.

Therefore my advice is: ALWAYS have a plan B. The plan A was to work fulltime in the restaurant in february in order to have enough money for a ticket to Peru. And if losing my job wasn't depressing enough, my scooter felt on the ground during New Years Eve I guess, resulting in a broken windscreen and scratches all over the place. And did I already mention that my bike was gone too? (Hopefully I can buy my bike back from the junky who offers me bikes every night)

And if you do not have a plan B, be sure that you have some money which you can use in cases like this.... I am not in big trouble, cause I can always ask my parents to sponsor me, but I just want to do it myself...

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