January 15, 2012

Victory is at hand!!

Today we shall make final preparations for the final battle against the first resit period! Armed with pencils, pens, erasers and our knowledge we shall bring the fight to them! The course of action is as follows. First we shall sneak passed the traps the tests have laid out for us, second we will spy on their movement and gain intelligence about their strategy to make us fail, last it is going to be us that will engage them on all fronts!

We are going to hit those tests hard ladies and gentlemen! Pencils will be used to draw the battle plan, erasers will be deployed to negate the tests demoralizing effect, pens are our main offensive weapons to lash out at our foes on the paper battlefield. Most importantly our brains will be the cavalry, because its support will be invaluable. The battle is likely going to last for two weeks, but I have the utmost trust and confidence that we will vanquish our foes and be VICTORIOUS!

Now my brave men and woman, go and deliver me "the heads" of your papers with glorious marks carved into them!!

P.S. Don't you dare chickening out by saying "... I took an arrow to the knee"!

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