January 30, 2012


Sorry everyone!! I haven't been able to write anything last Sunday. But I'll make it up to you by writing on something special, or rather something unusual people do not think about on a Saturdays midnight.

Over the last couple of months I noticed something noteworthy about human behavior in society. As I helped customers at work and every time when there was something to complain about. They would always refer to rules, regulations and make up lame excuses to have it their way. There was one instance in which a customer stated that he was not happy with the way I dealt with their problem or complaint. The customer said that he knew this or that particular law about it to exert some kind of authority over me.

I was just standing there and thought: "Dude.. Do you even know what the (censored) you are actually saying?" He would tell me the most irrelevant things about himself being knowledgeable about customer service etc. etc. Getting only worked up and pissed off. While if you were to use the smallest bit imaginable of reasoning you would've been able to understand or at least know why I could not do as he wished it be done.

Thus I sadly have to conclude that some people in this time of the existence of human beings, that while mankind should be prized for its capability of reasoning (using your brain) some have failed horribly.

-Living life without reason but only with emotions and according to law, is like being a raging deaf person walking up to a wall-

Wait! I'm not done yet! As I've promised in the very first post, Its my mission to put a smile on every ones face so here is a little poem. Enjoy!

Gave it my all to a failing cause, reaching an uncertain age.
Going through the book of life reading yet another blank page.
Seeing reason but not the light,
losing my objective out of sight.

Keep giving it enough effort they say and your hard work will bear fruit.
But till now no one has ever picked up that fruit leaving it to rot,
Laying on the ground not able to root.

Your efforts may miss this harvest, but do not fear.
Next season new chances will appear and fruit will grow anew.
Someone will be there to pick you up and hold you dear.


  1. Hey Jesse! Nice post! In Critical and Creative Thinking - a second year course, you will discover that the logic you mentioned - i.e. quoting a higher authority - is indeed considered faulty reasoning - just because an authority says so, it doesn't mean it's true. (think of George Bush).

    Re the poem - hmmm well i hope someone will pick up the one's who have not had a fruitful test period - but from my experience it's just like love - if we love ourselves (and study by ourselves - self motivated) then we will be more successful at love( and in our studies!)

  2. I have been in those situations many times (as I worked in many stores too and especially customer service), and I also had those times where I got a bit fed up with pleading such customers who think that they can have it their way if they rabble on things like: the law says this.. and blabla. Unfortunately for customer service we always going to have this. It is up to you how you handle it as a customer service presentor, this again adds up your experience knowledge and skills in handling such issues.