January 17, 2012


After the blissful holiday period it is time to pick up the books and pens again!
Having spent the past week in the library I had thought that I would be well prepared for the exams this week. Amazing what you can do in a week of solitary confinement, aside from studying... I think all my books and notes have been properly labeled, I had done tons of washing and my room has been cleaned several times. Some studying was done in between as well ;)
In the time that I spent in the library most of the appliances in my house managed the break down. Our television keeps snowing, the dishwasher refuses to do anything and the washing machine threw a fit last weekend. Fortunately, after gentle coaxing and kind words, the washing machine accepted my clothes and got on with its job. The dishwasher and television were not so easy.
Thanks to my roommate a nice man is now on his way to take a look at aforementioned dishwasher. Unfortunately, this nice man will of course throw around a few difficult terms whilst rummaging around in our dishwasher and then come to the conclusion that whatever is broken is extremely expensive and we should thank him for it.
I must say I have actually become rather accustomed to washing dishes again and can't really say I miss the dishwasher all that much.... Television and washing machine are a different story though!
Somehow, the more appliances you have, the more they seem to break down. Also, the appliances seem to have some sneaky alliance where they get together and decide to break down at the very same time, especially when you are very busy or have no money at all!
I have come to suspect that there is a tiny perpetrator operating inside my house. Mice have been spotted on various (actually numerous) occasions and their tendency to nibble has led me to believe that I am actually a sort of rodent-victim!

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