January 16, 2012

My neighbors

Yesterday, while I was coming to my studio flat I mean my small house, I saw in the corridor two of my neighbors are insulting each other and shouting to one another. I was wondering what to do? For a second I started gazing at both of them and I was thinking what to do!!! Should I interrupt them and try to mediate of should I ignore them. I was in the middle of thinking that suddenly one of those people came to me and told me, Hey my neighbor Aren’t you annoyed with this loud music almost all the time form this neighbor:? I was thinking what to do in order to cool down the situation. I asked both of them. Are you fighting because of this? They astonishingly stared at me and said with roaring voice YES YES!!! I told them you can solve this with out making problem. I invite both of them to my house and try to negotiate with them to solve this problem. Finally after drinking a cup of coffee with them they have achieved an agreement to respect each other and listen to one another. I am delighted that my Intermediation caused to a positive end.

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