January 9, 2012

Reporting in from behind the PC.

The new year of 2012 has kicked in our doors and made itself comfortable in the living rooms we call life. Bringing us closer to our goals, wishes and the prospected future. For me, just another regular year with regular goals, wishes and no future. Why? Because when you think logically, the future does not exist and so doesn't history, there is only a now.

Moving on, New Years Eve went quite smoothly and it left many people alive but some not so kicking because they ended up in the hospital for some reason. I too managed to survive the new years bombings in which people "detonate homemade firebombs and fire missiles randomly in the air". I must say that it was quite a show though.

Last but not least school welcomes us back with the resit period! For some it is salvation and for others its like being in jail. For me its both, I messed up at multiple subjects. So it is like being a delinquent who's given a second chance to make up for his/her mistakes, but the preparations made needs to be done while locked up at home or elsewhere.

To wrap things up, I'd like to wish everyone success with their studies for the resit of your tests.
And remember we shall all be free from the shackles from our books once this is over!

Till we have classes again that is... sigh..

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