February 4, 2012

A Cup of tea cost my friend 70 Euro's !!!

Have you ever drunk a cup of tea which cost you 70 Euro’s? I do not think so!!! Probably it is extremely high price to pay for a cup of tea without candy that amount of money. Let me tell you how my friend has paid for it OOUh. A couple of days ago my mobile rang and one of my friends told me that he is coming towards my house to meet me and to have a little chat with me, because he has not seen me for a little while. He came almost at 8 o’clock at the evening. After almost one hour talking and chatting with each other he intended to go back. He went and all the sudden he called me and said that he has gotten a fine of the 70 Euro’s. ‘’ He told me that; ‘’your cup of tea cost me 70 Euro’s’’. Where I live it is totally free to park your car during the day, but instead the city council fines people during the night. I think it is a new trick to charge people by not noticing that people have to pay during the night and personally I think it is kind of wired to charge people by writing free parking lot, which everybody thinks it is for free for 24 hours and then they charge people later on during the night. Even though it has been a bit of time I am living here I haven’t noticed that people should pay during the night, while almost everywhere in the world it is free to park your car during the night.

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