February 12, 2012

Focus lost!?

So, the first weeks of the new semester has started. In the beginning I "was" well-motivated, bought pens, papers, etc. Everything was well prepared, I was confident on hitting the new semester like a nerd. First week was (as usually) introduction on the giving subjects of the semester, and there I totally lost my focus then. Such a shame! Only 4 subjects and dissertation writing (so I thought!), but it was more practical work than i had imagined...

Now I totally understand why people always say to never under-estimate anything! How am I going to tackle this? Well, every week I put deadlines for myself, so I make sure I do my weekly tasks for school.

This weekend I was talking with my friends about this, and they said that there are two types of persons: [1] those who has learned to work through frustrations, and [2] those who don't (I am the latter I think). First of all, lay down all the things you need to do, or write down what needs to be done.

First advice they gave me was that you need to think about one idea at the time. The reason why we are so confused when thinking, is because other matters and thoughts meddle in. Make sure you put a hold onto that and focus on one issue. For example you need to focus on Economics, Finance and Import. Take one subject first, focus entirely on it. You notice that you finish your work quicker. And don't forget to throw away that "I-don't-feel-like-doing-it" attitude. It is like you are running and when you are about to give up, you motivate yourself: I can do it!

Another tip they gave me was: "when you are in the middle of giving up, shout to your mind: FIVE MORE (pages, exercises, words, etc)!" Next time when postponing things, you need to ask yourself questions why you are postponing it. Is it not that important that I am postponing it? Is it worth it stressing later? Will it be easier for me, if I didn't do it now?

This all is similar to self-motivation and self-discipline. Easier said than done. Those tips did NOT help me as I wanted it to. But I must say that they DO gave me a bit of motivation to reach my weekly deadlines I set up for myself.

Do you have any other tips on re-motivating yourself for school/university?

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  1. i always find that listening to my ipod with plenty of energy drinks and sweets helps keep me motivated. If you create a playlist of your favourite music it really helps you get into the work you're doing :)