February 13, 2012

Happens to me all the time!

The most annoying thing in life is getting contracted with boringitis during the workdays. Why? Because there is no known medicine that cures it. Once it begins its a one way trip to oblivion with virtually no chance of going back.. and it isn't even something you can choose for!!

The first symptoms that will show up is that you are going to start to look at random things. Everything in your direct environment suddenly become SO interesting! In your mind you're thinking oh look.. that eye filth has taken a different shape! Hey where are you going? Then when you try to focus on it, this happens.. No, no ,no get back here!

Something that also happens often is the following when I'm bored: hm.. starting to seriously think about the stupid questions customers asked me during work.. The most brilliant one being: " Hey, do you guys sell shaving cream for women?" Once they left the store I was like. DAFUQ!!

Then it gets worse and you start doing random things, like shooting elastic bands at colleagues and what I often did is randomly starting to speak English to dutch customers. Had such a great time looking at peoples expressions and it was so much fun doing it :) I miraculously found some kind of remedy to counter these symptoms of the second stage of boringitis and actually grabbed some weights from home and took them with me. Can you even imagine how serious this actually is? Nah you probably don't..

Once the final stage kicks in and that is when you actually realize you are bored, all hell will break loose and you'll be like..

This equation calculates the following... Boredom+stupid people = My weekend!

Le me - signing out!

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