February 6, 2012

Jes Rhymes

Dunno what to write about so I wonder,
doing so while tearing scraps of paper asunder.
Almost touching upon a idea, but so far away.
Like hearing in the distance the sound of thunder.

Heavens white angels falling down bringing with them winters cold,
Seeing such beauty, nothing is worth more, not even a big chunk of gold.
Some do not wish for the cold but sadly it isn't something which can be controlled.

So this time of the year it is wise to keep yourselves warm,
for it might get chilly and possibly even storm.
School has started again putting our thoughts off of winters grace,
so be a man and toughen up, it's time to perform!

February too made its way to our world, the month dedicated to love.
A gift or curse given by the old man, living in the skies up there in the above.

Love eh.. quite a funny thing,
it can can make you feel good but it can also sting.

Met a girl and I can't think of anything else.
Dunno what to do about it and its driving me crazy,
heard that rappers are good at expressing themselves.
maybe I should listen to a track made by Jay-Z.

Never met someone like her; the the love of my life,
Waiting till for the moment to be there, just a bit more of strife.
I wish I could tell her but the time ain't right,
need to bare it a lil bit longer and just sit tight.


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