March 11, 2012

An empty gift with wrappings.

My loyal followers from all over 1TMA1 and other far away lands, heed my call and read closely for I have returned!! I have not been able to stay with you for two consecutive Sundays, because the holiday needed my help to spend its time that it offered me to do whatever I desired. This has been a very arduous and mind killing task by the reason of not knowing what to do at all!! Release your tears of joy and let them run freely, for I, once again can write you another story!

Yesterday the HES Hogeschool organized an open day. The purpose of the open day is to allow high-scholars to take a whiff of how a college is like and of course to dwell inside our maze of a school to find, perhaps a treasure full of knowledge or go home empty handed. Yencore and other student companies were allowed to participate in this event to show what those kids could expect if they were to attend this school.

So there we were at 8.30 in the morning, the four of us, standing there at our stand. Waiting till it officially started. 30 minutes passed, 1 hour passed, still nobody around... It still rained so there was even more reason for people not to show up.

Then the first visitors arrived. At first they looked very surprised, not knowing why people dressed up in suit and dress, would stand behind a stand, inside a school, at 9.30 in THE MORNING! I just looked at them and thought; what in gods name are we doing here.. These people come here not to buy stuff but to gain information about their future studies.

"Ooh, look over here daddy! Its a student inside its school! What are these these creatures doing? It looks like they are standing there and.. and.. sell stuff?!??!?!?!?!" This thought flashed by and I knew the reason why we were "allowed" to be there. We were just the decoration of the main event. I felt like Christmas decoration hung at the back of the tree. There were also a few third year students who were acting as tour guides within the school and as they showed the visitors around they didn't even mention one single thing about the student companies!

As the day progressed we managed to sell a few units, bore our ass off, received some much needed food from 2 wonderful ladies and bore some more ass off till there was nothing left of it... Even though yesterday wasn't as productive as I hoped it would be, we still had some sense of satisfaction in the end. We managed to stay awake and had a fun day.

For now I shall retreat to fight another Sunday and I'll return with another story. Stay strong in my absence and may we meet again!

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