March 13, 2012

Enjoying your leisure time @home.

Occasionally it happens that you got a full day off (this refers to a week-day off) and you feel like spending it at home e.g. drinking tea, watch your favorite drama series (or movies), clean your room (if you're really determined), draw, write Studyleaks Blog and many more other stuff.

Well, recently I have found "the" thing to spend my leisure time with lots of fun and "sweat"? LOL, I bought Just Dance 3 for the ps3 and I'm really digging this dance game. According to this game I am burning for over more than 3000 calories every time (yeaaaah..... right..). I do not believe this, but oh well, I feel energized after every session. And move my bump in da house as well.

After a week I got so addicted to this game, it became embarrassing. Even up to the moment that I started to download those songs and listen to them every day. Even more horrible, i play them in my bathroom and start implementing the memorized dance moves (I know ... T_T)

But this embarrassing "domestic habit" of mine has benefitting my condition (funny..! รด_O)
I did not notice it, untill I realize that I always came way to early to the busstop. I never got late or had to run for th ebus, whereas I always leave at the same time. In other words I walked faster :P So, as any person (who has a lot of free time), I recorded the time and realized that my 9 minutes walk changed into 3-4 minutes. That was a real shock to me!
Another fact I recorded was me walking to my station (which take about 15-18 minutes normally) which took me now 7-10 minutes!

That was a good pay-off! So, what do you all do when you (ever) get the chance of havign a full day off? Do you play (usefull) dance games like me or something else?

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