March 3, 2012

Exchange in Malaysia

It is been a whole year since I have been on an exchange to Malaysia. I left the Netherlands on the 23rd December 2010. I still remmenbered that it was winter, so freezing cold and I was wearing a hoody to keep myself warm. Well, I regret it the moment I stepped out of the plane, Malaysia was all hot summer weather. I knew it was hot, but did not think it was hot like an oven. Hahah, well it has been a while since I have felt those good warm weather from a tropical country.

After a while I got used to the weather, and I got really tanned quickly. Luckily I never got burned, but still the beuatiful brown tan started to get darker and darker, and no kidding, even black. So, it was time to buy some suncreen to protect myself. Well, I didn't buy the sunscreen yet, untill one morning while applying my facial cream, I saw in the mirror some wrinkles appearing on my face. That is where it was alarm red :P In the afternoon I went immediately to buy the suncreen. Also, I tend to forget to drink water all the time, so it happened to me that I got diarrea :P haha the 2 main basic things you should do: drink lots of water and sunscreen!, I easily forgot about them (well er, underestimated the weather).

The most beautiful parts of the exchange was meeting people from Southeast Asia. As I study TMA and would like to focus my future in Asia, this was a great opportunity! Even nowadays I occasionally chat with them.

Definitely should try the cheap fish spa (fish eating the eelt from your feet)
Furthermore, you should definitely try the Malaysian Indian foodcorners/restaurants, Penang Hill, all the shopping malls, and Karaoke (ofcourse, Asians love doing that).

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