March 20, 2012

First dissertation workshop

So, last weeks friday the first workshop for my dissertation as given. I thought you might be interested in this. First of all it ent a bit chaotic and many planned data's for dissertation writing had been postponed. This was also due to the big cut-off happening at uni now. But allright, last weeks friday was finally the first workshop. It was all about research and methodology. How research can be done and that it should not be taking lightly, etc.

We all have a main research question for our dissertation. From this, the professor wants us to anser the main question now. Then he wants us to make the sub-questions here each one of them should be explained explicitly how and why it is being researched on. I never have done this part so incredible detailed before. But I must say it did help me clearify what I exactly should focus my research on in order to get the best answer.

A minuspoint of this workshop was that due to the big class, it was not possible to give each student an individual personal guidance on their dissertation topic. There were over more then 40 students, so of course that is not possible, unless there were 10-20 other professors available (hahah can u imagine how that would look like?!)

All in all, even though it was a mess, the students has to be responsible and pro-active in their behavior and deal with it how, eventhough the issues, it can be of any help/benfit to themselves. Most of the students understood that and acted luckily to my interest well to this. Wish everyone else good luck with their dissertation research and writing!

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