April 15, 2012

Comedy =)

This weeks blog is a bit off topic from business. I have been to a stand-up comedy show this friday to celebrate a friend's birthday. Well, I LOVE comedy so much that even words cannot express. There were 4 stand up comedians, and a host. I liked out of the four only one comedian, he made me continuously laugh. The others also made me laugh, but occasionally.. so that is why I gave them minus points. But overall it was funny, especially the host.

The price was a disappointment.. 17,50 .. which is not expensive.. for working people, but for students it is. If I had the money I would go every week to a comedy show for sure! I remember that when I was doing my internship in Paris (full-time job, got well-paid) I would easily spend money. Because I can afford it. I must say that THAT lifestyle was the highlight in my life. The experience of working 5 days in a week does not motivate anyone perhaps, but it is a really pay-off. Especially when going out ( and no not only clubs, but having drinks at a bar, visit museums/places, etc.) every weekend (and weekdays as well), you always have the money to spend for. (i miss this lifestyle, I will tell more on the next blog about this lifestyle, it is quite interesting)

Anyways, where I wanted to go is that now with the crisis, cut off and savings everywhere, I have to turn every coin 10 times before I want to spend it.. And now also for comedy =( It is not the first time I have been to a comedy show. I went with a big group with Groupon discount (cost 5 euros) to Boom Chicago. That was really a night full of laughter, this I definitely recommend to go (@Leidseplein), but without the Groupon discount, it is also pricy =( For me (and students) a reasonable price could be maximum 10 euro's. I hope coming months the crisis will soon be over, because I am graduating and I hope to find a good job. The motivation for doing a master I just do not have yet.

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