April 9, 2012

Controversy? Blasphemy?! Nope just another way of looking at it.

So how is Easter? Any luck finding a rabbit which poops eggs in bushes or anywhere in or around your house for you to find? Well I did not. So instead I have had another wonderful thinking session during work and i have gotten myself something to write about, perhaps slightly controversial or it is even considered to be blasphemy! Please do leave some comments after reading this, I would love to have discussions regarding the topics I wrote and am writing now.

Hell - Why is hell considered to be evil or frightening if those (humans mostly I think) who committed "crimes" pay for it there? Look at it this way, hell is equivalent to a prison in our realm of existence so to say. Those convicted for their wrongdoings are "the evil element" so would you not think, hell as a kind of prison, should be the "good element". In this light hell itself could be thought of as something good right? Now that you have caught my drift the same can be said about the demons/Satan residing there. Demons/Satan in this way can be considered the prison guards, keepers of the damned.

Supernaturalism/Religion - Take the gods of the ancient Greeks/romans for example. Roughly 1500-1700 years ago everything that could not be explained or controlled by man themselves was believed to be caused by something supernatural. Because mankind at that time could not comprehend that what occurred around them; violent storms at sea, volcanic eruptions, drought etc. They imagined a multiple gods were the ones responsible. A higher being or form of existence and these beings always had to be an embodiment of man or had to look like one. This type of god is similar to other western style religions. The reason therefor that I can think of is that it is the only thing humans can relate to and if it looked like a human then it would be more believable in converting the populace for example. A god that looks like us surely is capable to feel, care and punish us would it not? But to get back to my point, nowadays people still believe that which has been explained/scientifically proven by humans themselves, is still the work of a god or gods. Does that make sense? Or is religion only used as a tool to bring people together for a common cause?
Oh funny think BTW, a preacher walked up on me a couple of weeks ago and started her wonderful story why I should believe in it. While she was at it I contradicted her on everything she said, simply because it did not make sense at all. I even wonder how many of them have actually read the bible in its entirety. She said one thing that was very interesting; in a 1000 years time everything on the planet will be peaceful. So I said to her why did this not happen a 1000 years ago from beginning of their religions existence so we do not have to live in this war torn world. She just stared at me and moved on to another topic and eventually got so stressed and possibly even mad with me she just left. At a certain point she even started to doubt herself.

Death - That what happens to us emotionally when death or the passing of something occurs is quite fascinating. Why? Because it always involves the amount of value you give for a person or natural, supernatural or metaphysical form of existence. That which each individual hold dear or is close with it; pets, friends, the Eiffel tower etc. have such a great impact on them upon its passing. However when someone, a beggar for example or something an individual feels no attachment towards dies or passes in time, they could feel sorry or sad and that would only be temporarily that it.
Speaking about death, I do not understand the fear most of us have for it. Death in itself is painless, it is only an instant and after that the physical body is not capable of feeling a thing after being declared death. Instant death is a very good example or decapitation. On the contrary it is life itself that makes you experience pain, both physical and emotional. It is then the fear of knowing that something could happen to you what might get you killed and/or the possibility that it may be so that is painful or to any other living creature.
To make the concept of death more bearable, if you were to look out for any dangers that might come across you, you will not be living your life to the fullest and that would be a damn shame. Instead come to accept it, or do not to think of it at all. Word of caution; just don't be reckless.

Here is some food for thought for yah and happy Easter!

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