April 29, 2012

Creating tomorrow

Well, I used to work in Marketing. And I know that part of marketing work involves designing new marketing material and coming up with new brochures etc that will help the brand become more visible and more accessible... but sorry, I just don't get it.
And no offense to our marketing department, but really I just don't quite understand what the new purple triangles have to do with 'Creating Tomorrow' - our new mission statement. So, I have added a slogan under our Creating Tomorrow logo - which says - One Purple Triangle at a Time.
And if you happen to know what it means, then please tell me.
I mean, what are we doing here?
Is the HvA - Hes/Sem/Dem, whatever we're called these days - is it a design school? Or architecture? 

I had the feeling, that we were a school... and that we taught students who were going into the business world. International Business... But of course, we are not allowed to be our own special school anymore, are we? No, we are now part of one ginormous organisation - HvA. Which, by the way, is somehow connected to UvA. (Note they both have a small v in their names!) So, the logo has to fit all of the HvA. Or wait, are the Triangles only ours? So, if so, I'm confused. Because if I were to think of what our key success factors are - I would think of the people... The students, firstly, and then, ok, our lecturers - and what about the entire globe? I have students now in China, in South America, in NY. They really are creating tomorrow. I learn from my students every day! 

But what in the world do purple triangles have to do with it? Oh wait - triangle is like the Greek letter Delta - right? (never mind that most of our students can't read any Greek letters...) - Delta is change.. or something like that... and purple? Well, that is like one of the chakras - must have to do with creativity or innovation or wisdom. Ok, now it all makes sense to me and to the rest of the world! Wow, what an amazing logo! I'm so impressed!

ps. I just discovered something new while downloading the logo from our HvA website... actually each dept (International, Society and Law etc) has a different color triangle!!! So, actually, the School of Economics is PURPLE, while the International Business School is BLUE... so, hmmm. The blue chakra definitely stands for communication. So, once again, I'm blown away with awe! (By the way, the School of Law is various shades of red?)

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