April 11, 2012

Small advice

I would like to give a small advice to students who haven’t done their internship yet. Choosing the right internship is really important, not only according to our university’s requirements, but also later in life. No, I am not talking about when applying for a job or have a good CV reference, but more about your dissertation.

Thinking back, I wish I had more time to search for a better company to do my internship. Nonetheless, I certainly do not regret my past internship. Not at all!

It all happened just way too quick and only, wish I’d had some extra time to make a decision.

Just came back from my exchange, had a blast! But then, it was back being serious for university, and time to search for internship. Well, I did start since I left for my exchange. But because there were other fun stuff to do, I neglected it a bit and was more enjoying the “good” life.

Once being back I had like a month or so until the deadline and I literally got approached by a company with an internship offer. But then this has to get accepted by university too, and the deadline was 5 days later. Stress! Thank god the internship coordinator was very cooperative and quick in his replies. And that same weekend I was in Paris, homeless :P

Luckily after 2 weeks I settled down, found a nice cozy place and actually enjoyed working fulltime (10-6PM). Then after internship it was straight chaos to dissertation topic and company and the deadlines were killing. Because of that I was left with no other choice than to pick my internship company to assign me a dissertation project.

Thinking back I wish I had given some more time to search for a dissertation company or a better internship. So even though you are still a second or first year student, and you think internship is still far away... you're wrong! (well at least in my case). Just want to remind all the students that haven't reached that stage yet, to already "look out" for internship possibilities. It's never wrong with being early instead of being late right?!

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