April 22, 2012

Students discount

I would like to write on m own previous comment about students discounts. Everyone knows that students have a very hard, financial life. Therefore, the government invented the students discount we students all love. In cinema's (now not anymore..), in cinema's, theatres, etc. But I never experienced such a generosity as in Paris about students or should I say, "youngsters" discount.

Everyone untill the age of 26 will profit from a discount rate. And this is almost everywhere (90%) applicable. I will give you an example. First time sightseeing in Paris with some Parisian friends and every happening we went, my Parisian friends always ask or mentioned the students discount and funny enough there is usually always a discount. It was very shocking to me, first of all embarrasing to see my friends ask for discount all the time. They looked so pityfull and I was just not use to this kind of behaviour.
As I spent many more days I got to understand the reasons and WONDERFUL benefits for this. It is really a help to profit from these discounts. Also for EU citizens there are discounts. In the Netherlands I never experienced so much supply of discount for students.

In Paris this discount rate is for people till the age of 26. For cinema's with the students discount you  pay only 4 euro and 20 cents (dated 31 dec.2011), all museums are free entrance for EU citizens, quite a few restaurants have students prices, bars/theatres as well. My point is that Paris helps students very well. I am not sure about the other parts in France, but in Paris this is sure. Now, I do not want to bash my own country. I do believe that there must be some legit, political reasons why we do not have that much discounts for students. At the moment I cannot think of any reasons why, so I leave it up to you to argue about this. Do you feel like we should also havemore students or maybe youngsters discounts, or is it unnecessary? Or if you have any disagreements, let me know.

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