May 2, 2012

I want extra energy!

It was great weather yesterday. Now it's raining, so my urge to leave the house totally disappeared. Okay, I did some homework (as I was bored), cleaned my closet and did laundry (was about time) and now. . .?
Eventhough I went to bed at 4.30AM, I still woke up 5 hours later very energetically :-O How's that possible?
Well, because I had to do finish a chapter for my dissertation, I stayed up all night doing so, and drunk 2 cups of coffee. Okay normally I am used to coffee, nothing unusually, except the fact that I stopped drinking coffee a year ago. So I forgot that drinking coffee after a long time of period might awaken my addictive coffee part.
Now I remember why I was addicted to coffee and why I had to stop drinking it. 1 = I drank too much/unhealthy, 2 = my teeth got brown :( pff. Well for reason why I already knew too much coffee can damage your health, but I did not care as coffee give me the exact energy I need throughout the day. But then for reason 2, I got hit in the face. Hehehe well what can I say, when it comes to beauty... I get sensitive. Yes I know, I'm weird on that part.
Anyways I fear that I migth not be able to stop drinking coffee now. I totally regret my action last night fo rmaking coffee. As coming day are the final 2 months towards graduation, I am extremely busy :-O so many reports to write, so many research to be conducted.. woow I surely need that coffee.
Ah well, that is all pshycological, I should be stronger to be energetic WITHOUT coffee right?! I do eat healthy, I ate my 500 gram veggs every day (okay okay, honestly out of 7 days, 5 days I can reach that), No fried food, I stopped drinking soda/energydrinks/juice fr a year now.. only water (I am a real teeth fetisj, after my dentist said, oh no your teeth is getting thinner due to soda drinks and juice and careful with apples and coffee.. I really love my teeth, so I stopped doing all bad things that migth affect my teeth negatively)...
I even walked over from coffee to tea, as I heard that tea is much healthier. I start drinking green tea. But it made my teeth brown as well.. so I stopped that too. well, OKAY enough about my teeth.. My point is I don't have an unhealthy lifestyle that makes me feel so weak ..!!
And yes I do every a 2-3 hour self-fitniss at home.. I walk every day.. so exercise part is fine. I really have been thinking about this, how it is possible that I do not have much energy. Is it because I am getting old? HAHAHA naa I am still young :P other people will hate me for even thinking about old.
Hmm I wonder what other things I can do to have extra energy each day.. any ideas? any tips? I don't think I would turn to enerypills =S ...!! naaa....

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