May 16, 2012

Last pieces to gather

I have been extremely busy with my dissertation, never knew that it would consume so much time from me. Sometimes I am on a daily basis of 8 hours on my laptop searching for right doucuments, reading long reports and analyzing what pieces I can use best. And then re-writing, correct, and re-write.. again and again. This has been going on for quite a few days already.

And the doom day is getting closer and closer... graduation. I feel scared.. pff honestly I wish I could extend my study, can you imagine?! But I guess this is because I have no plan after graduation (yet). I can get a job, but then a HBO level job (not some random job) or continue studying on a Master.But yeah, first I need to find a fun job or a Master that intrigues me. I haven't had time to search yet, but I think it's about time to do so soon.

But first I need to finish the final weeks of my study. It is hard and I do feel the pressure now. 2 weeks ago I was all relaxed and do fun things. Now it's totally the opposite.
Soo... for me it is to gather the last pieces which is two more courses to pass and my dissertation defense. Wish me luck! Hope to update you soon about how I survived.

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  1. Go girl! I'm actually curious whether all the workshops, EC6 etc have helped you keep on track for your dissertation? How did you begin, continue, end...? Did you have a master plan? :)
    And yes, finishing school will put you smack in the middle of a crossroads where you have to decide what to do with the rest of your life! Can be rather stressful! However, does it help to remind yourself that life is fluid and flexible and you can keep reinventing yourself as long as you keep on breathing? :)