May 21, 2012

Save a Student - Take a (short) Survey!

Dear International students of the International Business School,

In my experience as an IBMS student I have to conclude that we've got a great curriculum a lot of dedicated and able teachers. However one thing has always lacked, and that is the extent to which our 'international classrooms' are actually international. Only 14,1% of applicants in Sep 2010 were International. This is an oft-heard complaint and there is a consensus among both students and staff that increasing the share of international students is a priority. It is supported by various research studies that stress the importance of developing intercultural competencies.

This prompted me to write a thesis on the main pull factors and considerations that students make in their decision making process when choosing a university. I designed a survey together with the IBS M&C Adviser International and the Lector of Internationalization at CAREM) to obtain quantitative and qualitative data on these pull factors, to give M&C insights to help improve strategic planning of recruitment of international students.

While over 50 students responded (3x the average according to one HvA employee), the response rate is currently still too low. I already employed mail, facebook and personal snowballing networks. As we have hundreds of international students spread over many groups, it's hard to reach all of you personally. That is why I I'd like to use this blog to bring this important survey to your attention. I urge you to participate, it takes about 10 minutes and can have positive effects on your studies and those of hundreds of fellow and future students. I also urge you to appeal to your fellow international students and friends at the IBS to participate, too.

International Students Only: Students who attended secondary school (age 12-18) outside of the Netherlands.
Check your hva account for a mail, or follow this link to participate:

Please accept my sincere thanks for your help. Furthermore, I would like to thank Ms. Audrey Gran-Weinberg for kindly offering her help posting this message on this blog.

Sincerely, your fellow IBS student Tarik Abbara

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