December 5, 2012

Child of two cultures

On a stormy 2nd December twenty-three years ago, in 1989 I was born. I came to the world on top of some layers of old newspapers on the wooden floor of our little white house. The little white house was built on a small idyllic island, somewhere in the South Chinese sea. I was born as a sister to a two-year-older brother, and as a daughter of a Dutch mother and a Malay father. Lived in paradise for four years, sand castles, fresh coconut juice, and the view of early morning sunrises over the wavy sea were normalities.
When my parent separated at age four, my mother took my brother and me back to Holland. I grew up hanging between two cultures, not really knowing where I belonged. I went back to Malaysia five times spending the holidays, and I lived there with my father when I was 17 for the time period of 10 months. Still there was not really a place called home.
Now I know home is where the love is, not a place but a feeling. But still I am looking for a place to settle. I have ranked to study abroad in Malaysia last year, and I went from February until september. Here I hoped to learn more about my background and find some more peace of mind. I want to take you with me on my journey, and report my experiences looking back on it.....


  1. Hello RM - what a mysterious writer - took me ages to figure out who you are! :) What a lovely post, And i look forward to hearing more about your Malaysian experiences!!! As I'm sure your many readers are as well!!!

  2. Looking forward to your posts. Btw I was in M'sia at that period of time as well. Someone I know? :)

  3. Thank you, I will post the next one soon. An-Nur, I do not think we know eachother, yet?

    1. No, I don't think we know! But nice to meet you! Am reading your next post.