October 4, 2013

The Table Challenge

After my last class yesterday (almost)evening I rushed to buy a table at Ikea. The kind of foldable type that would fit nicely in my cosy(read: tiny) studio located in the historic city centre of Amsterdam.
First try
I checked the opening hours of Ikea, price of the table and the size/weight of the package. Still have a € 100.- voucher and enough cash at hand. Went cycling to school so I figured I could use my bike to transport the 50kg weighting box from the Ikea at Bullewijk to my home which is located only a few minutes walking from Amsterdam CS.
So after my class ended around 17:30 I cycled to Ikea and headed straight for the warehouse only to discover that I was not going to have the table delivered at the same day unless I paid for it. It seems an almost 90cm, by 90cm, by 17cm, 50kg box is hardly transportable without any support. So after having looked at the box a couple of times, checking its weight, walking back and forth waiting for a miracle to happen I headed for the exit, jumped on my bike and cycled home.
Second try
So today is a different day (obviously). I have one of those small metal Ikea ‘carts’ at home which should be able to carry the 50kg box. I does say 30kg but that probably means 60kg right, right? Anyways, I brought one with me when I left the house and took the metro to school so I will be able to pick it up afterwards. Hopefully everything works out fine today, after arriving home I just have to carry it up the stairs to the 3rd floor. Amsterdam stairs.
I am used to these kind of things since 1) I do not have a driving license nor a car 2) most of my friends living in Amsterdam do not have a car for obvious reasons 3) and friends that do have car do not live in Amsterdam. So unless I am actually moving I use public transport which can at times be rather tough and extremely inconvenient but it saves me relatively more money than it does trouble and trouble, unlike money, I can spare.
So today, second and hopefully final and successful try!


  1. Oh Jerry! Sounds like quite a hassle! I am curious how you managed in the end?

  2. A really small dent only for my eyes to see, but it's absolutely great to have a table. Now for some proper chairs and light(!).