October 14, 2013

Week's End.

So what happened? Well, almost 27 hours of work since Friday and the absence of my laptop (among many other things).
I noticed a glitch in the screen of my laptop so I sent it in the 2nd and thankfully received a mail that it was fixed and being packed for shipment the 9nd. I know for a fact that it is already back in Amsterdam so I will be up and running by today(Monday) or tomorrow(Tuesday). Hopefully.. fingers crossed.

The worst part is probably that I am dependent of other computers, school's mostly. Not necessarily because school does not have [Lenovo] Yoga 13's but because I am dependent time-wise. It is really hard to work on something late in the evening (I admit I did not check whether the UBA has computers available) which involves any form of text editing. Alright, I do fine just now typing this on my phone but that is just about it.

I also realised how wise although expensive a decision it was to buy a laptop as good as mine. Light, quick and easy. Truly a blessing. On the other side, I noticed that not having it and the forever absence of televsion how much more peaceful I feel just before bedtime. Spending more time looking at paper than pixels. Something I hope to maintain after we have been reunited.

Unfortunately I am a bit behind with school now but I finally do own an actual table to work on so I will be quicker to catch up!
Guess I won't be saying much about work right now after all because it tired me and time is up. Will say that although I worked an unusual amount of hours this weekend I probably had realatively more fun doing so.

Good night..

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  1. and with this post I ruined my going to bed and waking up early spree by oversleeping to find the delivery man welcoming me with my fixed laptop. I took less than 12 calendar days for its homecoming. Great customer service!