November 11, 2013

Back to School

Last Tuesday my daughter(4) returned home from Jakarta with her mom. Together with a friend I picked up the girls from the airport and upon arrival at home the little one pulled most of her toys out to play, she had not seen them in months but remembered them all the same. After a more than 16 flight and jetlag (+six hours time difference) it did not take long before silence returned once more to the house amidst the chaos of toys and luggage. The following day would be the little one's first day to school.

"School, school, school!" shouted Kayumi before realising "O no, it's still dark outside, I cannot go to school" when waking up for the second time that morning. Her first day was probably tougher for us than it was for her, because I did not exactly go the bed as early as I wanted and it took them only a few hours before waking up thanks to the jetlag. So little sleep for the parents and no preparation for the little girl because they had just landed the previous day. Thus everything had to be arranged that same morning; showers, breakfast, preparing lunch, clothes, etcetera. To make a long story less long, by the time we arrived at the classroom and she was out of her jacket, she ran into the room and more or less forgot about us.

The first week was a success and we are proud parents that she is looking forward to go to school everyday with so much enthusiasm. She has always, always been a happy kid but you never know and then again these were only three days. We ended her part-time school week by having an intake for speech-support for the little one. She got a little behind with language development because of all the different language influences she grows up with and she does that 's' thing with her tongue. As much as it is a joy to hear for us, not all kids understand a mixture of Dutch (Daddy), English (My Little Pony, etc), Indonesian and here and there a German word (both Mommy) in the way she constructs her sentences.

I myself am also looking forward to bring her to school everyday, it is just such a joy seeing her develop with that much fun. Also we are very lucky to have her attend a school this good and it is a crucial foundation for her life so it really feels like an accomplishment. School is within walking distance so I partly carry her on my back for a mere 5 minutes or so. It is also something that helps me get some routine in my life because I have to get her to school in time which means I have to get up early too and honestly it is a true blessing. The evening before school a bedtime story for the little one followed by going to bed early. In the morning a walk and talk with the little one before heading to school myself. So far I am having a really good week, apart from being behind with my own studies. This week, this week we'll do even better.

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  1. Jerry, i'm so impressed how well your daughter fit in! Mine took half a year to adjust when we first came here! I think people underestimate how much time and effort parenting takes - even when things go smoothly. So single parenting is even more of a challenge. Esp mixed with school. Get all the support you can! good luck!