November 20, 2013

Music my Muse

My colleague was charming enough (truly is) to be invited to a concert tonight by the artist himself (Bonobo) and kind enough to ask me to join her. So we'll be on the guest list for the whole programme including after-party this upcoming evening. I only go to clubs occasionally because I do not enjoy it superbly, however I absolutely do love going to concerts. There is nothing like live music and the vibe is almost always excellent because all visitors share a similar passion for the performer.
Since I still buy almost all of my music on CD and do not currently use any streaming services I am not really up-to-date with this evening's show, so I downloaded some albums before I actually own them and hardly surprising, it is brilliant.

I missed my phone (read: music) for the last six days or so and I'll confess that I enjoyed the peaceful soothing sound of car tyres on the wet tarmac while cycling to school. Not listening to music while outside also removes another barrier to interactions with any surrounding human beings and it is seemingly saver in traffic.
At home the girls discovered the radio built into my Wake-Up Light which is a terrible thing. I stopped listening to the radio a long while back because the music is terrible, it is annoyingly repetitive and there is simply no coherence in their playlists which in combination with commercials just leads to a lot of noise really. There are good radio stations, no mistake about that. I just recently discovered FIP, a French jazzy world music kind of station which has the advantage of me not understanding the language so I cannot really be bothered by any talks or commercials in between.

So after these 'turbulent' times I sit here in the library writing this blog with Bonobo playing in the background and all is wonderful. I missed my music. It is what helps me through the day, it is the soundtrack to the visuals that surround me and triggers the right emotions when I need them. It also saddens me to see the current shape of the music industry these days.
As a kid I used to come home from school to find my dad sitting in front of the record player playing his vinyl and before the rest of the family arrived home he was up on his feet again and joined reality once more. Honestly I have seen the man never happier than when playing his records and those moments were his ultimate peace. The time that my dad's conditions were worst were also marked by the absence of music and him regaining some of his strength by its return. Frightening to see the man unable to care about even that.

I picked up plenty of his collection in time and it took even longer before I learned to listen to it. This is also what characterises what I like most about music. Music is something that grows over time with thanks to its complexity and with one's own development and experiences through life. I have CD's that are not actually that good but have definitely left their mark because they relate to a certain time in my life. Also some stuff my dad recommended to me I did listen to and other things I bought in the past took years to rediscover. But that is the good part, I own things that are never the same no matter how often being played and others I can only grasp the full meaning of after I myself got further in life. This is what makes music so interesting, it dares you to listen to it and challenges your emotions to understand what it is about. That and a dose of pain helps as well.
Too bad most of the music industry today has turned in some sort of celebrity society.

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