November 7, 2013

Pleasent People

Last week was my birthday, something I care very little about and so I did not actively celebrate it nor did I add it on my Facebook account although people eventually did found out which is obviously much more fun.

As I was trying to forget about it my mom did of course call me just before it was about that time and a friend posted a picture on Facebook with a sort of explanation in the morning. I started the day by going to school and followed classes as usual. Thereafter is more or less where all the wonderful presents this year came in.

See, it was not that people bought me anything at all. It was the interactions I had with people. First I had very good conversations with classmates I just met this semester. You know at times when you are in a hurry to go home but stick around because the conversation is heading in directions you have not been before. Actually more or less because you are discussion a topic with people you do not know too well who provide a fresh view on topics. Also a lot of kindness was found here too.

After that I met a schoolmate I worked on a project with last semester and we had some nice talks back then and that day was especially nice. Some people are just honestly caring and sweet and every time you talk with them they share a little of that love with you, she is one of those few people. Also I ran into a lecturer at the same time that offered (the offer still stands) to help me with my daughter when the time comes that I am alone with the little one, she knows already how difficult that can be. I was again delighted by the honest love people have for others even though they might not know them that well.

After that I passed my first part-time job to see how the renovation is going and we ended up, after a heated discussion (not a dialogue), at my second part-time job. Where we had dinner (the discussion made place for a nice dialogue) and shared some thoughts and stories together with my colleague who was working. Yes we did help her closing up the place and left the shop all together. After arriving home my mom called me again, apparently I was born just before midnight, and that pretty much finalised the day. O and yeah the best gift was that my daughter(4) sang me happy birthday through a voice message :).

This day was again a sweet reminder of what I think is most important in life: people. Most human-beings might be slightly repulsive (kidding?) but it is small interactions, things I notice between others, conversations, smiles, etcetera that can make a day. In truth, life would make little sense without others, it is almost impossible to living life ignoring your surroundings. The small, big, nice, and unpleasant talks I had with others made me think about my own position in life and my surroundings and more importantly it somehow transferred a little of that love and strength from others to myself. Some presents can be bought others are simply invaluable. "Above all the people."

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