December 11, 2013

InternShip Overboard?

Monday I had my first job interview in like ever, I guess.. I basically rolled into all my current jobs so no suit and preparation needed for those. This time however, was very different and although I was slightly confident going into the interview I feel horrible afterwards. It is one of those times where you need to really experience something first before you understand what is to be expected.

The interview was for an internship for Michael Page, an international recruitment agency with a broad variety of divisions. From what I know about the company I absolutely love their philosophy and the mangers interviewing me were very kind too. A classmate of mine is currently doing his internship there and his 'final' assignment is to find a new trainee. He posted the job on our Facebook class page and knowing the company I replied immediately and afterwards sending him a mail. Before having sent in my CV he had already called me our of the blue for a telephone interview. That same week his manager called me to get a better idea of me and set a date for a real interview.

The spoken language was Dutch which made it slightly more difficult for me having learned everything during my education in English being unable to find the right words straight away. In front of me sat two friendly people of which the woman was slightly more serious, as usual I guess, with each a copy of my inferior CV. Afterwards I realised that my CV should have been more detailed, because a lot of things I thought irrelevant and which were not presented made it look like I was hiding my past and prompted a lot of questions during the interview. Like why were my elementary school and degree not presented? Because the degree I obtained at that time has no added value! All the clever arguments I would use in general were no where to be found, replaced by a repetition of already presented answers. Answers too long and not to the point enough. Memory gaps. Like a real Jerry the pieces of the puzzle fell in place only after the whole damn thing was over.

Did I do that bad? No, but looking back, I should have prepared myself much better. I practiced and prepared a day or two in advance but could not really focus. I looked with more detail into the company and prepared answers for possible questions, writing them down. What I did not do is have a practice interview to see how it turned out in practice. And well I guess I will update my CV. Only after the interview do I realise the weight and importance of certain question and my possible expected answers. This internship really is the first step into the right direction of my career, one of the good things I did say, so I just hope that it was not one of those "now you know for next time".

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