January 2, 2014

An end is the start of something new

Finally, one more exam to go and the exchange period was over.
My love would finally arrive after 5 months! To pick me up, to take me away and marry me on the beach of the tropical island I was born...Daydreamed about it all of the time!

I was too excited to study for my last exam, I just hoped that all the classes I have attended were interesting enough to remember. 

I borrowed the scooter of a friend to drive to the bus stop where he would arrive.I was so nervous about how it would feel to see him again after all this time, would it still be the same?  

At the bus stop it was very busy, there arrived and and left many transnational busses. His bus was late so I waited, walked around if I would see him anywhere..but I didn't. After a while he called me, he asked me if I forgot about him and why I wasn't at the bus stop? I told him I was there looking for him but I couldn't find him. I asked him where he was so I would go his way.. I turned around and I saw him from a distance, I started walking towards him and everything around me became blurry.. All I could see was him.. How he walked, the way he wears his hair, the big bag he was carrying.. And as I came closer I became aware people were looking at us and it made me shy.. I gave him a modest hug, and then I smelled him.. wauw it was so amazing to smell him after all this time.. Even though he had been traveling for over 24 hours, the scent made me fall in love again in tenfold. 

 I couldn't stop staring at him and smile all the time.. They say you don't know what you've got till its gone. The exchange made me appreciate what we had and the fact that he had let me go to malaysia to have the experience of a lifetime studying at USM, while he was waiting for me reassured me that this was it for me. 

 We went to drop off his bags at the apartment of my friend, he was exhausted from the travel and I had to get some sleep for my last exam the next morning so we only had short time together, but it was all good because we were about to spend 2 months of holiday together, and hopefully our happily ever after...

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