February 10, 2014

Thesis stress

Previous semester I have been busy writing my thesis. It is the very last project in order to finally graduate, on the other hand it is the very first project I had to do individually and not as a group.

I have to admit, I underestimated it. I was asked by the commercial director of my internship company to write an export and marketing plan to Southeast Asia and in the meanwhile continue to work as an intern at the company for 2 days a week. 

The thesis was supposed to be "only" 35 pages. This quantity has never been a problem for me before, unfortunately, there were many writing aspects that had to be taken into consideration that were new for me. For example: constructing a theoretical framework, using correct APA referencing, writing in-depth recommendations with supporting arguments etc. 

Luckily, Ms. Ciulli, my supervisor pulled me through the process. She set internal deadlines for our group, and took the time to discuss our progress and answer questions in one-to-one meetings. These have been very helpful and motivating to me in times of stress. 

Many of the students did not manage to meet the initial deadline of the final thesis draft, therefore we had the option to postpone the final hand in date. This was not for free though, yet I another month of tuition fee. I am sure this has increased the quality of the project majorly, so I guess it was worth it. 

Even after handing in the final draft, the stress keeps hanging in my head because of the insecurity of getting a go or no go advice. Another point is that the presentation for the defense has to be prepared and practiced because it is 20 percent of the final grade.

The company which I have done my thesis for have asked me to keep working for them part time after graduation. This is a positive forecast knowing that the study loan payback has to start some day!

Almost a graduated bachelor of international management, almost a business to business salesperson and most importantly almost no more stress (about school). Ready to enter a new phase of my life...only one positive feedback away.

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